Redesign To Win

Unable to meet the marketing goals, Need an improved user experience or a more sophisticated look for your current website? The reason may be any; we help you achieve your targeted goal with exceptional results through our services of website redesign.

With the advent of new trends in web designs, and evolution of new technologies, it is inevitable that a website is redesigned periodically to match the current competitive market. With time, websites tend to look tired. It needs a fresh new look to appeal the rapidly changing needs of the customers.

We help you with the current performance metrics:

What is the average bounce rate per month?
What is the average time spent on site per month?
What are the top related keywords?
What are the inbound linking domains?
What is the average number of new leads or prospects per month?
What is the average number of generated sales per month?
What is the total number of pages indexed?
What is the average number of traffic receiving pages?
We ask our clients “Why would you like to have a redesign of the existing website? What’s the main goal behind it”? Apparently the possible answers are “We feel that the design is not enough, the competitors are changing their site and hence we thought we also go stand fresh for customers, etc.” We recommend every customer to bother about how the site really functions not how it looks. While the design and the look are important, it is necessary to focus on how it works and what is the aim behind it. To convert these goals to measurable units, Beyond Technologies help you suggest viable ways in achieving the same.

Re-Build a strong presence of your website
Enhance the number of visitors to the site

It is important to focus on the target audience we are marketing for? It is likely that the audiences are diverse and it’s imperative that these audiences are divided in to segments where their markets are different. Foremost stick to the market where your product rightly fits in. Practicing this kind of segmentation, creating content for the same, marketing to it, making products and services accordingly etc. are the steps towards success.

Reduction of Bounce Rate

Engage your audience to your website; provide content that really helps them. It is imperative that the customer stays on the site only when the site offers the customer the right information at the right place. Be it product category, selection, search of information tab etc. Provide them with blogs, articles, downloadable journals, checklists, allow them to learn about the company, the products, allow drill downs to make them engage to the site. Make Call to action is just a click away: Allow the users to subscribe to the blogs, newsletters, registrations, company name, team size etc.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

The prospective customers view your site once they find you online: Without getting found, the traffic, the leads, marketing strategies leaves you no-where: Redesign your website focusing on the search engine optimization.

Building 301 Redirect

When the website is redesigned, this is the key step as one wants to retain the traffic they are getting form the high valued pages earlier. Store and map the 301 redirects with old and new URLs and implement them properly so as to avoid losing potential customers associated with the old website.

Analyzing your competitors

While it’s not mandatory as a step, we recommend this step only when you want to know the strengths and weaknesses as compared to the competitors. Beyond Technologies generate a report with the help of tools of how the current website and the marketing are in its performance. Conduct a self-analysis, understand where you are getting positive, what’s working, what’s not working for you with the online tools and act accordingly.