Design Work Goes Responsive

We make your website do the same. The web world today has expanded to multiple devices. This is why Beyond Technologies aim at developing responsive designs with stress-free surfing experience for every user. Let us sketch your raw inputs into expressive design, which ultimately attracts your customers within no time. We make your website look splendid inside and out.

Restricting the design to desktop has gone a long time back. Today, every business website needs to be responsive, and to make this happen they need to hire a good web design agency. We, at Beyond Technologies offer a suite of services for website designing and responsive is one of them. Responsive design delivers the way forward, and it is the right time to turn your businesses to be responsive.

Users should not feel confused while switching to different devices to browse through your company information. To bring you a lasting responsive design, we custom different CSS styles and flexible images that provides easy navigation to the users across any device.

Design Works When It Goes Responsive

Mobile responsive website is no more a luxury its a necessity now. A responsive website is a Mobile Friendly web site. It displays content with good navigation on various screen sizes. Suppose there is a single column of content, images are resized, there is a click menu for navigation and the phone number can be called directly, whilst on your desktop there is a wide layout, multiple columns for text, large images and mouse roll-over navigation. The tablet has an in between experience.

The website recognizes the viewing device and adjusts the website content accordingly. With tremendous increase in mobile usage of Internet traffic, It’s essential to visit a website that can be viewed from any device or a desktop or a tablet. It’s quite interesting to know, despite the growth of mobile devices usage ,the majority of business websites are not mobile compatible and therefore don’t successfully deliver on mobile devices for smartphones It’s easier to navigate on mobile friendly device enhancing user experience. Hence customers are glad to stay on the site for longer till they wind up their enquiry. Google likes to give its searchers the best experience possible.

When you search a topic on your mobile, a mobile-friendly website will be shown in the results ahead of a website that is not mobile-friendly. Therefore, if your website is mobile friendly while your competitors aren’t, yours will show up in the search engine.

Responsive Website Different To A Regular Website?

Prior to websites being built with responsive web design techniques, the layout and framework of websites had a one size fits all approach. With most people viewing a website from a desktop computer or a laptop. with a non- responsive website, if someone views this from a mobile device or a smaller screen, they would often have to zoom in to read text and click on links. A non- responsive website leads to an annoying user experience and causes a lot of people to quit for websites that are mobile friendly. In today’s connected world a responsive mobile website could mean a world difference to you and your competitors.

Does Responsive Web Design Work?

Responsive web design is achieved by a web developer to alter the web design proportionate to the size of the device it’s viewed on. It’s commonly achieved by readjusting the width and height of certain elements on the page like images and navigation items. Responsive web design uses multiple web development techniques to achieve this purpose. The best results are achieved by viewing on mobile first .Hence the websites are now being designed for mobile devices initially and then adjusted for larger screen sizes like desktops.